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Jquery Plugin for HTML5 File Upload

After the introduction of HTML5 the multiple file upload without flash script is possible. jQuery File Upload is a nice plugin for handling multiple file uploads with HTML5. For legacy browsers it falls back to an Ajaxed-like iframe-PHP solution.

Multiple files can be selected for upload, a user  even be drag ‘n’ dropped from the desktop and the upload process can start automatically or just click the upload button and select multiple files.

A progress bar can display the status and uploads can be canceled anytime.

It is possible to use multiple instances of the plugin in the same page and jQuery File Upload is compatible with any server-side application platform.

The plugin is developed by © Sebastian Tschan and in the source code various server side scripts are also provided.

You can view the Jquery File Upload Demo.

Download the source code on git hub

Basic plugin information

Customization how-tos

Server-side specific tutorials

Python (Google App Engine, Django, web2py)



Ruby (Rails)


So a developer can easly adopt this plugin to his projects and can build a media or asset manager easly. Media Manager for codeigniter and Zend framework are a great plus for a project.

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