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jQuery Plugin for custom scroll bars : enscroll

Enscroll is a jQuery plugin to replace conventional default browser scrollbars with nice looking one. Replacing scrollbars manualy is a tough process. Enscroll will help you to design overflow of content with nice looking scrollbars.

With the enscroll jQuery plugin, being able to write your own styles for those scrollbars is only a matter of a few lines of Javascript. Here is the short version so you can get started quickly.
enscroll jquery plugin
There are a countless number of designs and styles you can apply to these scrollbars, Start looking at the provided examples to see just a few of the advanced designs that are possible with the enscroll jQuery plugin.

Usage of Enscroll on Page


<h1>New Scrolling Window</h1>
<p>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit...</p>
<p> ... </p>


.scrollbox {
overflow: auto; /* This is changed by enscroll, but must be defined */
width: 368px;   /* The arbitrary width and height of the view pane */
height: 550px;

.vertical-track {
width: 16px;            /* How wide is the scrollbar going to be? */
background-color: #aaa; /* What color should the vertical track be? */

.vertical-handle {
width: 16px;            /* How wide is the scrollbar handle? */
background-color: #aaf; /* What color should the handle be? */

The Script

$(document).ready(function() {

Include Jquery and the script into the page.
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