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Jquery News Ticker – Flexible plugin to Add Latest News with Jquery


For magazine websites Latest news or flashing news is a must. The scrolling text will get a fast attention of a user. Another advantage of news tickers is it consumes very less space. The marquee tag is almost depricated so Use a Jquery plugin is a better option.

jQuery News Ticker is a very nice plugin. It is inspired from the BBC news ticker, that simplifies creating them.

It can get the content from an unordered list, RSS feed or an HTML file and show it in a simple and greate interface (the interface can be totally customized). This plugin had been tested as working with: IE6+, FF 3.6+, Chrome, Safari, Safari Mobile and Opera.

There are prev-next and play-pause controls for quickly navigating through the items and few settings exist like:

  • speed of the effects
  • effect type (reveal or fade)
  • direction (left-to-right or right-to-left)
  • display duration of each item
  • and more..

You can download Jquery News Ticker from Git.


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