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Jquery 1.5 Released – Features

The Jquery team comes up with its next version jquery 1.5. This version features a complete rewrite of the Ajax module.  the developers say that it brings a higher lever of consistency to the XmlHttpRequest methods across various platforms. This  brought more capability to extend the API and allow the attachment of data handlers, filters and transports.

Jquery 1.5 Features

Deferred Objects which allow functions to return values where the actual value may not be immediately available, for example, the results from an Ajax request

jQuery.sub() which allows developers to safely modify jQuery methods and major improvements in traversal performance with the .children(), .prev() and .next() methods.

jQuery’s internal build system is reviced to standardise on using the NodeJS server-side JavaScript environment.

Higher speed in various browers. Jquery Performance Report.

Download Jquery 1.5

Just go Jquery.com

via Microsoft’s or Google’s Repository

Don’t Worry – Jquery is licensed under MIT License of GPL License. ie you are welcome to see the code and use it in your commercial application.

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