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Javascript Tooltip Framework : Opentip

Tooltip Library
Tooltip Library

Tooltips are the nice part of a website. It makes forms active, intelligent and helpful to users. There are lot of nice javascript tooltip frameworks are available. Opentip is a very cool javascript tooltip library works with jQuery and Prototype. It works standalone also. So you dont have to load another javasript framework for just showing a tooltip in your website.

It creates the tooltips with HTML5 canvas so that any creative designs are possible and they are rendered almost equally in all browsers.

Opentip supports Ajax so checking user available or not cases etc can be easly handled with opentip. It can be positioned anywhere and can also group the tips.

A nice and unique feature is stems (the little pointers) which auto-arranges themselves into any direction.

Opentips has multiple, good-looking styles and new ones can be created very easily.

For installing Opentip jsut download the appropriate opentip bundle from github for your framework.

Example: if you’re using jQuery, you need one of those files: opentip-jquery.js if you don’t intend to support IE<=8, or opentip-jquery-excanvas.js if you also want to support <=IE8.

You also need to download and include the Opentip CSS file.

Demo : Opentip

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