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Internet Connection Sharing in Ubuntu 11.04/ Fedora 15

I have a small inetwork in my home. We have two internet connections one wired line and other is my internet dongle. I used wired line most. One day I got stuck with that and decided to share my dongle to all others.

I used a script called Nat script to share the connection in Fedora 14.

Now network manager is there to manage all the network activities in gnome. I know that in gnome 3 it is all the mess. But I tried to share the connection .

It is very easy.

To enable this, you must follow three steps:

  1. Install dnsmasq on your computer. (On Ubuntu, you will want to install the dnsmasq-base package.)
  2. Make sure your WAN connection [My Internet Dongle] (i.e. Internet-connected connection) is all configured (e.g. with DHCP or a static address) and working.
  3. For your LAN interface (which might be a second network card or a wireless card),
  4. Open the netwrok manager properties in ubuntu. in Gnome 3 you want to type Alt+F2 and nm-connection-editor
  5. select “Shared to other computers” in the IPv4 Settings tab.
  6. Click OK.
  7. Configure all your other computers in the network to DHCP.
  8. For that create a new connection in the network manager and click ok. then connect to that connection in the netwrok manager.
  9. It is working perfect.

Advice from Jeremy vissier.

Nice work with Network Manager. What a great piece of software.


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