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Install Skype in Ubuntu 11.10 oneiric ocelot

Skype is one of the best VoIP software available on various platforms like windows,linux,android etc.. You can make free video calls over the internet using skype. Skype is available in ubuntu also. You can easly download and install skype in ubuntu 11.10

Skype is based on peer to peer protocol and it provides better quality for video chatting in internet. In ubuntu 11.1o skype is added on the official repository. You can install skype with just one command or a mouse click.

Installing Skype on Ubuntu 11.10  oneiric ocelot

Open Ubuntu Software Center

search for ‘skype’ ,

then click on install

Or Install skype from Terminal

sudo apt-get install skype

Install skype by downloading it from skype.com

If the above methode not work dont worry. Just go skype.com and download the deb for ubuntu. Click the link below to download skype. You will get the deb file. Just open the deb file with ubuntu software center. Then the installation comes. That is all

Select your linux distribution to download skype.
Ubuntu 10.4+ 32-bit
Ubuntu 10.4+ 64-bit
That is all. You can start using skype on linux. It lacks some features from the windows version but is a nice decent video calling application.


3 thoughts on “Install Skype in Ubuntu 11.10 oneiric ocelot”

  1. Too bad this doesn’t work. The repository that Skype is in isn’t included in 11.10 so Skype isn’t in the software center and typing the apt-get won’t get you anywhere.

    1. You can download skype from their website skype.com. There you will get the deb file. Just open it using ubuntu software center. It will be installed automatically.

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