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Install Ruby on Rails in Fedora 12 – Ubuntu 9.10

ruby on rails
Ruby on rails in fedora 12

“How to install ruby on rails in fedora 12 ?” or “how to install ruby on rails in ubuntu 9.10 ?” is a question now a days because the importance of RoR is getting high. Installing ruby on rails into Fedora 12 / Ubuntu 9.10 is not complicated task. In the official repo itself included all the required rpms for fedora 12 and debs for ubuntu 9.10. You can use commands or you can use the GUI ?gpk-application in fedora and ubuntu software center in ubuntu 9.10.

Installing ruby on rails along with mysql

sudo yum install rubygem-rails ruby-mysql

Thats it ruby on rails is ready to go

Installing sqlite3 for ruby on rails

$ sudo yum install rubygem-sqlite3-ruby

Installing mongrel server for rails

$ sudo yum install rubygem-mongrel*

Installing json for rails

$ sudo yum install rubygem-json

Installing git for rails

$ sudo yum install rubygem-git

some other useful components like action mailer, active record active support are also helpfull

$ sudo yum install rubygem-actionmailer rubygem-activerecord rubygem-activesupport

will install all these things.

Start Rails Project

It is also simple one.

$ rails projectname

will start the new project.

It will create a directory and all necessory subdirectories in it.

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