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Install Gnome Shell in Ubuntu 12.04

The default desktop for Ubuntu 12.04 is Unity. From Gnome 3 ubuntu team started to develop their own desktop interface upon Gnome. The New gnome shell is droped by default. In  Ubuntu 12.04 Unity interface is somewhat mature. But some people said that gnome shell is more usable and stable compared to unity. A user who want to try gnome shell on latest ubuntu 12.04 can easly install gnome shell on Ubuntu 12.04.

The better side is now a user can run gnome shell and Unity side by side without any problems. On the login screen just select which interface you want that is all. To render the gnome shell the system need better graphics. If the graphics does not support gnome shell the desktop will be automatically fall back to gnome class shell. This class shell is most like gnome 2. If you are interested in Classic desktop then just try the cinnamon desktop interface developed by linux mint team.

The latest Ubuntu 12.04 comes with gnome 3.4.

Installing Gnome Shell in Ubuntu 12.04

This is very simple. Just open terminal and execute the commands

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install gnome-shell

After install just log out of your ubuntu 12.04 and select the gnome desktop in the login panel. The super Key in the keyboard or just move the mouse to the left top corner will reveal the overlay mode.

Gnome Tweak tool is a great tool to customize your gnome shell. You can add themes, icons, change the way desktop managed etc. can be done with gnome tweak tool.

sudo apt-get install gnome-tweak-tool

Extensions will provide a great way to customize your gnome shell installation. Installing and activating the gnome shell extensions is lot easy.

Just go https://extensions.gnome.org using firefox browser. and select your favourite extension click ON. It will be installed and activated automatticaly. You can controll extensions from gnome shell also.

A Nice video
Ubuntu 12.04 beta2 en VirtualBox with gnome-shell no unity. Failures.
Ubuntu 12.04 beta2 en VirtualBox with gnome-shell no unity. Failures.

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