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Install Gnome 3.12 in Fedora 20 through Repository

Gnome 3.12 is now available for Fedora 20 through a third party repository maintained by Richard Hughes (Gnome Power Manager and PackageKit Maintainer). This repository gives fedora 20 users (who uses Gnome 3.10) a smooth update to Gnome 3.12.  Usually a new gnome version will be available with a new fedora release. Fedora releases are streamlined with a new gnome release in six months. But fedora 21 will be available on October 2014.

Richard Hughes said that the repository only had a small amount of testing, it’s probably better to try it in VirtualBox rather than on a production system. So use it at your own risk!

But there will not be any major errors in Upgrading to Gnome 3.12 on Fedora 20. It works very smooth after upgrade.
( If you want to try GNOME 3.12 in a virtual machine, you can also do this by using the GNOME 3.12 live CD. ) This is Just a Warning. We tested it on production system without any issues.


Install GNOME 3.12 in Fedora 20

1. Add the GNOME 3.12 repository in Fedora 20 by using the commands below:

Repository for Fedora 20– 32bit Version

su -
echo -e "[rhughes-f20-gnome-3-12-i386]\nname=Copr repo for f20-gnome-3-12 owned by rhughes (i386)\nbaseurl=http://copr-be.cloud.fedoraproject.org/results/rhughes/f20-gnome-3-12/fedora-\$releasever-i386/\nskip_if_unavailable=True\ngpgcheck=0\ncost=900\nenabled=1" > /etc/yum.repos.d/rhughes-f20-gnome-3-12.repo

Repository for Fedora 20 – 64bit Versions

su -
echo -e "[rhughes-f20-gnome-3-12-i386]\nname=Copr repo for f20-gnome-3-12 owned by rhughes (i386)\nbaseurl=http://copr-be.cloud.fedoraproject.org/results/rhughes/f20-gnome-3-12/fedora-\$releasever-i386/\nskip_if_unavailable=True\ngpgcheck=0\ncost=900\nenabled=1\n\n[rhughes-f20-gnome-3-12-x86_64]\nname=Copr repo for f20-gnome-3-12 owned by rhughes (x86_64)\nbaseurl=http://copr-be.cloud.fedoraproject.org/results/rhughes/f20-gnome-3-12/fedora-\$releasever-x86_64/\nskip_if_unavailable=True\ngpgcheck=0\ncost=800\nenabled=1" > /etc/yum.repos.d/rhughes-f20-gnome-3-12.repo

2. Upgrade to GNOME 3.12 in Fedora 20:

yum update

The full update of the system with all packages is necessary because gnome 3.12 relays on some other packages that also must be updated. After completing the total system update just restart the system and log back in with Gnome 3.12

It is much more stable and responsive than other Gnome versions.

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