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Install Firefox 13 and Thunderbird 13 in Ubuntu

All these stuff is in beta now. Not released for stable. Trying these things for production is a risky job. But for cutting edge users of linux specialy ubuntu can try these softwares with the help of a PPA. It is simple child’s play to add ppa to ubuntu 12.04 . Lets check the upcoming features of firefox 13 and Thunderbird 13

Firefox 13 New Features

The major feature in firefox 13 is The New Tab Speed Dial inspired from Chrome and Opera. The feature is in Firefox 13 for trial. The usual performance improvements and bug fixes are on its way.

Firefox 11 is released now. And the firefox 13 is in alpha channel.

Thunderbird 13 New Features

The Newest feature of Thunderbird 13 is it bears a built in chat client to connect to your friends online. You can add your Facebook, Twitter, Google Chat and IRC into thunderbird itself. With out using an independent chat client you can connect online. This is something like in facebook and Gmail but you can add multiple clients in Thunderbird 13.

It’s this “use case” for which developers are targeting the feature – not as a standalone IM client for the desktop, but for use by those already using Thunderbird to manage their e-mails.

As development progresses you can expect to see integration between your address book and your IM contacts (i.e. by associating contacts with e-mails addresses), but in the current builds this isn’t quite there yet.

Install Thunderbird 13 and Firefox 13 in Ubuntu

You can Install both Thunderbird 13 and Firefox 13 alongside your existing stable versions by using the following PPA and install commands: –

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-mozilla-daily/ppa
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install firefox-trunk thunderbird-trunk


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