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Install Android SDK on Ubuntu 12.04

Now a days android is the most used smartphone platform all over the world. From high end phones to business class phones android is creating real revolution in technology and life. Android is an open source platform built upon java. To develop an android applicaiton in ubuntu 12.04 a developer need all the java development tools and android SDK. The SDK can be downloaded from developer.android.com. Ubuntu is the best platform to start develop android applications.

Eclipse is the IDE used for android development. Google also provided an exclusive toolkit for Eclipse to support android development. Here is how to set up Android Development Environment on Ubuntu 12.04 .

The instructions are for ubuntu 12.04 but you can use them in all Gnu/Linux based platforms like Fedora, Open Suse, Linux Mint, Debian etc.. The installation of Eclipse IDE and OpenJDK commands only vary according to the operating system.

Install Eclipse IDE on Ubuntu 12.04

The first step is to install Eclipse IDE in Ubuntu 12.04

The Eclipse JDT is the package comes with Eclipse IDE and Open JDK 6. ie eclipse-jdt = Eclipse 3.7 + OpenJDK 6

Install the package with the command

sudo apt-get install eclipse-jdt

Android SDK Starter Package

Download Android SDK Starter Package from developer.android.com. This is the basic package for starting android development. Unzip the package to your home folder.

Install ADT Plugin for Eclipse in Ubuntu 12.04

To install the ADT tools start the Eclipse IDE. on the Help menu go to Install Software. Then click Add a small box appears. Put Name as Android ADT  and location as the url given below


Paste the url there and click ok.

Now tick the Developer Tools in the window then go Next and finish the dialog box.

Install Android SDK

Just go Window >> Preferences. On the left side select Android. Then Browse SDK Location and select the unzipped folder of Android SDK on your home folder. Then click Apply and OK.

Then go to Window >> Android SDK Manager. The SDK Manager Appears. Select the packages you want to install and click Install Packages.

Android Development Packages

The Essential packages for Android Development are SDK Tools, SDK Platform Tools and the SDK Platform. The Platform varies with version. 2.2 is froyo(Most popular now), 2.3 gingerbread, 4.0 is the icecream sandwitch(Latest Android Version). These packages are directly downloaded from the server and installed into your computer. If packages increases the download time also increases.

Some recommended packages are Code Samples, USB Driver, Google API, Analytics SDK, Documentation etc.. If you want to put ad on your application you need the Admob ads SDK also.

Then Press Install

The packages will be downloaded and installed. The time depends upon your internet connection.

Now your Eclipse IDE is ready to build an Android Applicaiton. Just go Start Project and select Android Application.

That is all.


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