Inkscape – Seperate shapes into individual Paths after trace bitmap

Inkscape is a great tool for creating vector graphics. It also performs great on converting raster image drawings to vector. A usual problem after trace a bitmap is the separate different individual shapes from a complex trace. Inkscape has a very cool feature to do this thing.

Steps to do the trace and break individual paths in Inkscape

  1. Trace the bitmap, delete the bitmap, and select the trace by drawing the selection square around the trace or Select All.
  2. Go to Path > Break Apart
  3. If some paths close then select the closed path and the outer object then go
  4. Path > Difference
Step1. Break Apart
Step1. Break Apart

Step2. correct the closed path.

Step2. Take differences

Now the individual broken paths are separate and can handle separately.

Source from Graphics Exchange., Break Paths

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