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HTML 5 Reset – A quick start to HTML5

HTMl 5 Reset is a collection of CSS and Javascript Files for the startup of a Web Project. It contains conditional comments to call about half a dozen IE-specific CSS files, as well as a couple popular IE-correcting javascript files. All supporting files are stored in a parent “_” folder — this keeps the view in our file manager uncluttered.

In the CSS folders are baseline styles designed to reduce the visual design in any browser to its most basic state. This frees you from the annoyance of overcoming the native styling that each browser wants to apply to HTML elements such as h1, p, and ul. From this starting point it’s very easy to establish your own standards for type size, margins, and other measurements.

Also HTML5 Reset Uses Modenizer script for all fixes. Also Latest Jquery is included.

Defenitly this will be a quick start for any HTML5 Project without hazzle of crossbrowser issues.

Download the Templates

Preview the templates: Kitchen Sink (fully commented), Kitchen Sink (no comments), Bare Bones (these are very uninteresting unless you view the source)

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