HTML 5 Logo Released by W3C

W3C unveiled today an HTML5 logo, a striking visual identity for the open web platform. W3C encourages early adopters to use HTML5 and to provide feedback to the W3C HTML Working Group as part of the standardization process. Now there is a logo for those who have taken up parts of HTML5 into their sites, and for anyone who wishes to tell the world they are using or referring to HTML5, CSS, SVG, WOFF, and other technologies used to build modern Web applications. The logo home page includes a badge builder (which generates code for displaying the logo), a gallery of sites using the logo, links for buying an HTML5 T-shirt, instructions for getting free stickers, and more. The logo is available under “Creative Commons 3.0 By” so it can be adapted by designers to meet their needs. World Wide Web Consortium

W3C is also giving away free HTML5 Logo stickers , all you need to do is send them a self addressed stamped envelope and they’ll send you three stickers. More details
You can also buy HTML5 Tshirts at .

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