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Gumby – A Responsive HTML5 CSS3 Framework With UI Tool Kit

Gumby is a responsive and 960px column grid based CSS framework. Gumby is easy to customize for any resolution with a little effort. It has a very nice fluid-fixed layout self-optimizes the content for desktop, tablet and mobile resolutions and there is support for nested grids.

Like Twitter Bootstrap, Gumby comes with  a web UI Tool Kit for designing nice forms, buttons, tabs, tooltips, slider etc.. The gumby.js is a very small javascript used to build all these awesome tools.

Gumby has multiple versions to download: 12 columns, 16 columns, a hybrid one or an all-in-one package. And, there are PSD files provided to ease designing with the grid.

Gumby is flexible and can easily be incorporated into existing frameworks and module loaders like RequireJS, however a boilerplate for simple application development and prototyping is provided. The js diretory contains 2 files, main.js and plugins.js, and a libs directory containing jquery-1.7.2.min.js, modernizr-2.0.6.min.js, gumby.js and gumby.min.js.

Download Gumby

12 column Pack

16 Column Pack

Hybrid 12 column + 16 column pack

The everything pack

Gumby Demos of Buttons, Navigation, Form Elements, Form Validation, Tabs, Video Embed are available.

The framework is very well-documented, has demos for all of its features and totally free to use.

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