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Google +1 Plus One For Your website to increase Traffic

Google’s next move to conquer social media is the plus one button addition google profile. It’s basically Google’s way of introducing the “social layer” to search results where you can see other people’s recommendations for your website. When you +1 a search result (or an Adwords ad) it will be publicly displayed on your Google Profile. By this way google is trying to create a Facebook wall on google profile. The Buzz is already in the google profile. You can add other sites and blogs to your profile. According to Google this will lead to improving the search results and giving users content which is recommended by their social circle, i.e. friends and contacts.

How to Join in Google Plus One

Google is letting people join the experimental test to keep testing the +1 button and gain some feedbacks from users to improve the feature. Just go to the google experimental website and join the Plus one experiment. Then on the search results of google.com you will get the plus one button. If you click on plus one then the link will be posted on your google profile on the Plus one tab. You can edit the profile and make plus one visible to public if you want.

Plus one button for your website

Google says it is still experiement. What is interesting is that additionally now there is already a sign up page (+1 your Website), where content creators can visit and register by entering their email address and the URL of their Website to get a Google Plus One button that then can be inserted in a Website. Google will notify subscribers via email when they become available.

Google Plus one Plugin for WordPress.

There is no official plugin available on wordpress. As this feature is still in experiment. But there is a blog http://maboot.com/guide-to-install-google-1-plus-one-button-on-wordpress-blog/1859/ says how to add the button to your website. But google disabled this feature as of now. So you want to wait for the wordpress plugin of google plus.


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