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Gnome Clock App with World Clock, Timer and Alarm – Try now.

A clock app debut in the upcoming Gnome 3.6 Release. The development is going on. It is far away from the complete application. This Gnome clock app is a very nice one with world clock, which is present in gnome 2 dropped from gnome 3, timer, alarm, stopwatch etc.. The application name is clocks. It is written in Python so you can try without compiling or doing complex build.

Just grab it and try.

Gnome Clock try it

You need git to clone the repository and the pytz package:

for ubuntu

sudo apt-get install git pytz

for fedora

su -c 'yum install git pytz'

and then just clone the git repo from gnome

git clone git://

cd clocks – if your terminal in not in the clocks directory

and then just run. Note: assumed that python is pre installed in your system.


You can visit the Clock Design page for more information about the project!

As you can see Clock is quite empty at the moment, but you can still can have worldwide clocks, stop watch and timer. Alarms aren’t working yet.

The clock app is wrtten in python ustin the the pytz (a Python framework for world time definitions) framework.

One thing I don’t like in Clock is Python. I don’t understand why they should use so many different technologies that make the project hard to maintain. Ok, C is necessarily evil(!) but they have Vala and JavaScript. I guess they preferred Python over JS cause of pytz (a Python framework for world time definitions) framework. If any developer of Clock read this, please let a comment about it.

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