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Gnome 3 Released – Install on Ubuntu

The Gnome 3.0 is out. The greatest change after the gnome 2.0. For long time the major two desktop environments in Linux are gnome and KDE. KDE Announced 4.0 as a major change to its interface and continuously improving to 4.6 release. But not hackers and programmers are stick on to Gnome because it is easy and fast more to terminal and simple than KDE [there may be lot of controversy in this statement] KDE lovers say that it is more easy than gnome.

Gnome 3.0 introduces this new gnome shell as the default desktop interface and definitely it is a revolution in the development of gnome and Linux.

Now Gnome 3.0 released with much more changes than Gnome 2.0 The two panels gone. No minimize space for windows. no icons and applets in the menu bar. Drop down menus are replaced with full page icon list. A Favorite side bar like dock and much more visual effects …

The activities overview is accessible using the top-left hot corner or Windows key and provides a single place to access windows, applications and messages.

GNOME Shell has been criticised for requiring compositing and that it ends a long-standing tradition of GNOME being able to use multiple window managers, but the developers say this is made up for with better usability.

The Dash show which applications are running and the workspace switcher can be used to group windows and the familiar “minimise” button has been removed from window titles as the developers say it’s now irrelevant.

GNOME 3 integrates messaging into the desktop where messages can be directly responded to from notifications so a conversation does not require repeated window switching.

You can view videos in Youtube channel of gnome

The Ubuntu Split-up from GNOME SHELL

Ubuntu, the most popular linux distribution now a days announced that they will not include the so called gnome shell for their next release. Insted of that they will go with Unity, a desktop UI developed based on ubuntu netbook interface. the release 11.04 will include an option to login with classic gnome UI but it will be removed from 11.10 release. Another major problem with gnome shell is that it will not support compiz fusion, the 3d desktop effect manager in gnome.

From this point both gnome shell and unity started evolving as fantastic. Some users say that both are not usable. Still both projects are in their early stages lot of bugs to fix lot of new ideas coming everyday.

As ubuntu has many remixes like kubuntu,edubuntu,lubuntu,xubuntu other than ubuntu a programming group has started work on a GNOME 3 based Ubuntu remix. https://launchpad.net/ubuntugnome/. This project is remixed by the team at teampr0xy.net. It is not approved or sponsored by ubuntu, gnome, or cannonical in any way. So we can expect a gubuntu, an ubuntu remix with gnome shell.

Install GNOME 3 in Ubuntu 11.04

Now there is a PPA for GNOME SHELL in ubuntu. if any one try to test gnome shell then you can go ahed. GNOME 3 PPA is to be considered highly unstable and will break your system. With warning issued, the PPA can be found @ launchpad.net/~gnome3-team/+archive/gnome3

The problem with ubuntu is that you cannot run Ubuntu unity and gnome shell side by side as the GNOME 3 PPA breaks Unity.

So now you have one more choice. Go with unity and Compiz or Gnome Shell

Fedora and OpenSUSE

The both less popular linux distros than ubuntu shiping gnome shell for their upcoming releases. The Fedora 15 alpha is a rock solid release with gnome shell and the final release will be on late may 2011.

Gnome 3 Informations

You can find more information on exclusive gnome3 website

The default gnome.org is also updated with nice look and feel. You can find the gnome3 page on gnome.org

Download Gnome 3.0

You can download preview release of gnome 3.0 from gnome3.org website.

GNOME 3 based on openSUSE

The user name for the openSUSE live image is ‘tux’ and the password is empty.

The user name for the Fedora live image is ‘liveuser’ and the password is empty.

To run the GNOME 3 from a USB stick

  • Download the USB image writer (below) and extract it
  • Open a terminal and navigate to the extracted image writer folder (eg. $ cd Downloads/abock-image-usb-stick-f3b1002)
  • Prepare the image writer by running: $ chmod a+x ./image-usb-stick
  • Remove any USB storage devices that you might have connected to your computer and insert the empty USB stick that you want to write to
  • Run the image writer script: $ sudo ./image-usb-stick path_to_the_live_image.iso
  • To run the live image, reboot your computer with the USB stick attached

Download USB image writer

Gnome 3.2

The next release in the GNOME 3.x series is scheduled for September/October 2011. Many new features and enhancements to 3.0 are planned, including the addition of a documents interface to the Activities Overview, expansion of the application menus in the top bar, and integrated settings for document sharing and web accounts.

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