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Change Gnome 3 Night light Intensity Red tone

The Gnome 3.24 came with a new feature called night light. When sun set the temperature of the display changes from normal to a reddish tone to reduce the impact on eye. This feature is already availbale in Android 7.1, steam and other operating systems. To change Gnome 3 Night light Intensity on the system there is no default settings on the settings panel.

Gnome 3 Night light Intensity Control

How to change Gnome 3 Night light Intensity

The problem is the red is a little more intense and everything in the display will turn to red.

We can control Gnome 3 Night light Intensity (reddish tone) by changing the value of intensity in the gsettings.

For that just install dconf editor from the software centre. or run an install command using as root in terminal

for Ubuntu 17.04 or 16.04

apt-get install dconf-editor

and for fedora 26 or fedora 25

dnf install dconf-editor

for other distros use the install command of the sofware.


then open the dconf editor

the go to the location

org > Gnome > settings-daemon > plugins > color > night-light-temperature

the turn off the default value and enter custom value on the box given below.

Gnome 3 Night light Intensity – Dconf Values

The single command for doing this thing is here.

gsettings set org.gnome.settings-daemon.plugins.color night-light-temperature <temperature>

Here are some temperatures values to experiment with

  • 1000 Lowest value (full red)
  • 4000 Default night light temperature
  • 5500 More good and less intense night light temperature
  • 6500 Default temperature (night light off)
  • 10000 Highest value (full blue)
Gnome 3 Night Light Settings

When nightlight is on there is a switch on the right top of gnome panel to turn off or on. Also user can configure whether it will turn on and off automatically by the time of the day. This is a very good way to protect the eye.

Ref : Askubuntustare.in.the.air

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