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Gnome 3.2 Released – Features and Updates

Gnome 3.2 Released on 28th September 2011. The new version includes lot of new features and bug fixes that criticized in gnome 3. Since the last version, 3.0, approximately 1270 people made about 38500 changes to GNOME. The Gnome 3.2 is based on GTK+3.2 and clutter toolkit 1.8

Online Accounts in Gnome 3.2

The Gnome 3.2 comes with more tighter integration with online services like facebook,twitter,google plus etc. You can integrate your desktop to your online stream and make them manage easier. In GNOME 3.2, Online Accounts provides one place to manage these online sources. These online accounts are automatically used by Documents, Contacts, Empathy, Evolution as well as the calendar drop-down.

Web Applications

Websites used as applications. When you start browse you open some websites like twitter, facebook, google plus, gmail and keep them till the end of session and Checking updates now and then you can treat them as a web application in gnome.

GNOME 3.2 makes it possible to use a site as an application. To do so, press Ctrl-Shift-A, in Epiphany  or access the File menu and select Save as Web Application. Once the web application has been created, it can be launched from the overview.

  • Web applications can easily be launched from the overview mode. They can also be pinned as favorites.
  • The entire window is used for the site.
  • The application is restricted to the saved site. Attempts to go somewhere else, say by clicking a link, are shown in a normal browser window.
  • The icon used when switching windows or to start the web application shows the site’s logo or a clipped screenshot of the site.
  • The web application is distinct from the normal browser. Should the main browser crash, the web application will not be affected.

GNOME Documents

Another great change in Gnome 3.2 is Gnome Documents. A place to manage all documents either they are online or offline. Integration to cloud services from the scratch is also a great thing. This is the first release of Gnome documents and it needs more tweaks. A much more finished product will be on the Next release.But it is a great feature that a user can manage all the documents from desktop. No third party applicaitons.

GNOME Contacts

Gnome contact is a contact manager. In that you can manage contacts from applications such as Evolution or Empathy, in one place.

Quickly Preview your Files in the File Manager

File Manager can now quickly preview movie, music, picture and other files. The preview can be shown and hidden again by pressing space. This feature is adopted from gloobus preview.

A new Empathy log viewer:

Empathy’s log viewer for previous conversations has a cleaner design. Empathy also supports sending SMS messages, and SIP accounts can be marked as being able to make PSTN calls. Such accounts can be used to call landline and mobile phones.

Gnome Color management

Due to differences in the way colors are shown, the same picture can look different between monitors. Similarly, when the picture is printed its colors might have changed again.

GNOME 3.2 allows you to calibrate devices to ensure the shown colors are representative.

Experimental Wayland and “Broadway” HTML 5 backend for GTK+ 3.2
This feature allows you to run applications in a web browser. That is you can run gimp or gedit inside your browser and save files. This great feature brings a next revolution in remote desktop and web based os built with gtk.
New GDM login screen:
A brand new login screen which suits to the total shell interface and theme.

Touchscreen devices

On tablets and similar touchscreen devices, rotating the device will automatically rotate the screen. Additionally, touchscreen devices will not show a mouse cursor unless a mouse is attached.

Media hotplugging

GNOME 3 now features integrated media hotplugging notifications.

New On Screen Keyboard:

For those users who require an on-screen keyboard, a brand new one has been built in.

And a lot more:

  • It is now easier to resize a window as the area for this has been increased.
  • System Settings now includes links to related settings found in other locations. For instance, the Keyboard section now has a link to the keyboard layout.
  • Titlebars, buttons, and other controls are less tall, making it easier to use GNOME on small screens.
  • Notifications in the lower-right corner now include a counter. This makes it easier to see how many emails are waiting for you without having to open your email program, or to determine how many messages you have missed in a particular chat.
  • The highlight effect that indicates that an application is already running has been made more obvious.
  • In the user menu, notifications can be configured independently from the chat status.
  • The workspace switcher in the overview remains expanded by keeping its full width displayed when you are using more than one workspace.
  • Instead of assuming Evolution, the application for the calendar drop-down can now be customized.
  • The battery power status is now shown using a bar.
  • Focus-follows-mouse handling has improved, though more work is needed.

Gnome 3.2 in Distros

The coming release of Fedora 16 will be based on Gnome 3.2. You can experience all the new changes and features in fedora 16.

Fedora 16 Features -GNOME 3.2 Integration Nearly 80% and more completed.

Also Arch linux and Opensuse will follow Gnome 3.2. openSUSE 12.1 is to be released on Friday the 11th of November 2011 (yes, that is 11-11-’11).

From Ubuntu 11.04 they started Unity as the base and avoided gnome-shell for unity but still Ubuntu 11.10 will be based on Gnome 3 and the user interface for gnome is not gnome-shell but Unity. You can always install gnome-shell in ubuntu 11.10 through a custom PPA.


Looking Forward to GNOME 3.4

The next release in the GNOME 3 series is scheduled for April 2012. Many new features and enhancements are planned for 3.4.

You can read the official GNOME 3.2 release announcement from Gnome website.

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