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Funduntu 2012.2 Released – Download DVD

Fuduntu is a Fedora Based Distribution with an adaption of Ubuntu UI. Funduntu is created by Andrew Wyatt. It is designed to fit in somewhere between Fedora and Ubuntu. This distro is optimized for netbooks and other portable computing devices.

Major packages updates in this release include,  Linux 3.2.13, Chromium 17, Firefox 11, Thunderbird 11, Pidgin 2.10.2 and LibreOffice3.5.1.2. With this release all available firmwares will be installed by default. This improves the odds that a user’s WIFI adapter is detected and ready to use out of the box. This helps reduce the amount of work necessary to configure your computer while using Fuduntu as a Live CD or after installing.

Another change this cycle is the shift from Empathy to Pidgin. Pidgin is a much more feature rich IM client and is now installed by default, replacing Empathy.

With this release Fuduntu is shifting from SourceForge as a package host to a new mirrorable infrastructure. Several open source mirror providers have begun replicating the repositories. This change improves speed and availability of software available for installation, as well as package updates.

Download: 2012.2 – 32Bit: [ Download | Torrent ] 64Bit: [ Download | Torrent ]

Story : http://www.muktware.com/articles/3489/fuduntu-20122-released

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