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Full Screen Jquery Slider with Hardware Acceleration – superslides.

Superslides is a nice jquery plugin with hardware acceleration. Superslides is compatible with the jQuery Animate Enhanced plugin. Simply include the js file and  it will automatically smooth out transitions using CSS instead of JavaScript.

Superslides have options for auto play with slider timings and transition timings. It comes with a very nice api to trigger other functions on start, stop, pause etc. The hardware acceleration realy helps to use the GPU for transistions when available. This will reduce the load on CPU and make transistions much smoother.


Custom Animations

the ability to extend the existing animations with your own. See examples/custom-fx.html.

$.fn.superslides.fx = $.extend({
  flip: function(orientation, complete) {
}, $.fn.superslides.fx);

Download : from Github

Website: Superslides

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