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FuelPHP Released to 1.0

After nine months of work fuelphp 1.0 released. There has been a LOT of work that has culminated in 24,155 lines of code and nearly 40 people contributed to that. Just compare “codeigniter vs fuelphp” and get a “Getting Started with the Fuel PHP Framework” tutorial

What is FUEL?

Fuel is a simple, flexible, community driven PHP 5.3 web framework based on the best ideas of other frameworks with a fresh start. More over it is a strict php 5.3 Framework. If your webserver is not a PHP 5.3 it will not work. It contains tested MVC architecture for logical code separation and combines the best ideas of some existing frameworks with improvements and ideas of its own.

System Requirements for fuelPHP

PHP 5.3.0 or later

This is a list of extensions used, and the classes that use them:

Extension Used in Comments
fileinfo Upload Documentation.
Note that on Windows platforms, a manual installation of a DLL might be needed.
mbstring n/a Documentation.
If not present, the framework has no multibyte support. You can check the MBSTRING constant to see if your installation has multibyte support enabled.
mcrypt Crypt Documentation.
If not present, PHPSecLib is used to emulate it’s functionality.
  • Web Server – Apache running on *nix.
  • PHP Version – 5.3.2
  • mod_rewrite – To remove the index.php from the URL.
  • PHPUnit – 3.5.12

fuel is released under MIT License. And nearly 40 people contributed to the code. It is a great framework to explore new features of PHP.’

FuelPHP tutorial is available at Net.tutsplus – Getting Started with the Fuel PHP Framework and Just get  Codeigniter vs FuelPHP onI Like Kill Nerds.

Codeigniter vs FuelPHP

Just to compare “codeigniter vs fuelphp” is to say what is new in fuelPHP than codeigniter.


+1 s:

Codeigniter is a framework with verysmall footprint. And also coding with codeigniter is very easy. The only requirement is the developer must have some knowledge in MVC architecture and its usage. There is a great documentation available with examples for every newbie. There are lot of extensions available for codeigniter. Installation is simple and straight forward. There are lot of applications available for download.

-1 s:

There is not automatic code generation libraries like oil or the one with symphony built in. There are some programmes like formigniter but not complete. There is no default authentication library. And no built in ORM . A developer need to use third party extension to add a modular architecture to the code.


+1s :

It is very fast framewrok and takes the advantage of PHP static variables and fuctions. FuelPHP comes with a great authentication library with simpleauth and ACL. A powerfull ORM is included. Everything can be a class. Namespaces are also a great feature to avoild clash of the programme. Good HMVC functionality so you can break your project into modules.

-1 s:

Much more to learn than codeigniter. Documentation is not upto the mark and the community is strated building. Also PHP 5.3.2 or later means a majority of web servers are not support that. Also Namespacing is a new concept for a conventional PHP Programmer.

But really fuelPHP is a framework for next generation and you can make get great programmes with it.

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