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Free Premium WordPress Themes 2010

is a good free wordpress theme provider. the themes are premium class. You can make great websites with these themes. They released a new series of wordpress themes called Fab Series. These themes are sponsored by Fabthemes.  They uses the latest HTML 5 Features, cu3er slider, css 3 and more. You can download all the themes for free and you can see the preview of them

Dione WordPress Theme


Download  Dion theme

Preview Dion Theme

Calypso WordPress Theme


Download Calypso

Preview Calypso

Bronte WordPress Theme


Download Bronte WordPress Theme

Preview Bronte Theme

Atlantis WordPress Theme


Download Atlantis WordPress Theme

Preview Atlantis Theme

The real highlight of this series of themes are that they wont have footer encryption. The footer will be regular php file and you will be able to edit it in order to add some details of your site or for any ad or tracking script inclusion. The themes will have 4 banners on the sidebar from sponsors which again are not encrypted, but we would really appreciate if you retain them. These themes are free for personal use. You are free to edit it for your usage. But it is not allowed to edit or change the form of template for resale or redistribution.

The themes are presented in web2feel.com

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  1. Hello Ranjith,

    I am trying same calypso theme but images, featured images not coming. Can you help me please or if you can send me ur database i can apply on my site and will change it accordingly


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