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Free Download Bootstrap Admin Themes

Bootstap admin themes are essential for a new web application project. It help the admin area make mobile ready. Lot of paid Bootstrap admin templates are available now. Free Bootstrap Admin Templates help to make nice looking web applications without extra cost. Free download bootstrap admin themes from websites given in the list.

Some great looking Bootstrap Admin Templates are listed here. Each theme look great and can be customized greatly for every project needs. The license of each Theme varies.

Charisma – free, responsive, multiple skin admin template

Charisma is a multipurpose multiple skin admin template based on bootstrap and freely available for download and use. it comes with 9 different themes to suit your style and application type.


Website : http://usman.it/free-responsive-admin-template/

Live Demo: http://usman.it/themes/charisma/

Git Hub:https://github.com/usmanhalalit/charisma

Download : https://github.com/usmanhalalit/charisma/archive/master.zip

SB Admin

SB admin template is based on bootstrap and is provided on the website startbootstrap.com.


  • SB Admin is a free admin theme for Bootstrap 3.
  • The theme is 100% free and open source, use it for any purpose. Private or commercial.
  • The SB Admin theme features several third-party plugins that have seperate documentation.
    • Bootstrap – Official Bootstrap Documentation
    • Tablesorter 2.0 – Flexible client-side table sorting
    • morris.js – A jQuery charts plugin
    • Flot – Attractive JavaScript plugin for jQuery
  • The charts won’t work unless they are hosted on a server, local or remote.
  • This theme makes use of a few CDN’s to cut down on the file sizes.
  • SB Admin Template Pages:
    • Dashboard
    • Charts
    • Tables
    • Forms
    • Typography
    • Bootstrap Elements
    • Bootstrap Grid
    • Blank Page


Website : http://startbootstrap.com/sb-admin

Live Demo : http://startbootstrap.com/templates/sb-admin

Git Hub : https://github.com/IronSummitMedia/startbootstrap/tree/master/templates/sb-admin

Download : http://startbootstrap.com/downloads/sb-admin.zip

Metis Admin Template with Twitter Bootstrap

Metis is high quality admin theme with twitter bootstrap 2.3 and 3.0. Two versions are available for download for each bootstrap versions.


Metis Demo

For 2.1.3 version http://demo.onokumus.com/metis/

For 1.2 version (not development) http://demo.onokumus.com/metis/v12


Bootstrap 2.3.2 V.1.2 ready for use

Bootstrap 3.0.3 V2.1.3 ready dist folder your use

Bootstrap Admin Theme from VinceG

Another nice looking bootstap based admin theme hosted on Github.



  • Login
  • Admin Dashboard (Tables, Statistics, Chart, Media Gallery)
  • Full Calendar (Viewing calendar, adding events, dragging events)
  • Statistics & Charts (Multiple examples of Pie, Bar, Line charts using Morris.js, knob.js, jquery flot, easypiechart)
  • Buttons & Icons
  • WYSIWYG & HTML 5 Editors
  • Forms & Wizard
  • Tables & Bootstrap dataTables
  • UI & Interface Elements (Modals, Popovers, Tooltips, Alerts, Notifications, Labels, Progress Bars)



3 Bootstrap Admin Themes

Three different colored bootstrap admin themes from portnine.com. Free for personal and non commercial use. They are named Blue Nile Admin, Black Tide Admin, Wintertide Adminbootstrap-admin-themes

Website : http://www.portnine.com/bootstrap-themes



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