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Flickr Photos as your Wallpaper on Ubuntu and Fedora

You can set amazing flicker photos as your wallpaper automatically. A great programme ?called webilder will help you to do this. You can select wallpapers based on tags,users,interestingness etc … You can add as many albums as you want. A new photo set will download every day. Rotate wallpaper every 5 minutes or you can change that.

Webilder Features

  • download flickr photos that match tags (for example: beach,party)
  • download photos from flickr users of your choice.
  • download most interesting photos from flickr.
  • download amazing daily proshots from Webshots (requires Webshots account).
  • automatically download new photos for you.
  • change your wallpaper every few minutes.
  • import webshots collections (wbz or wbc formats).

Installation on Fedora 13

There  is no direct rpm available so you want to install from source

The dependencies are must (Python, python-gtk2)

Then  Download Webilder 0.6.9: Webilder-0.6.9.tar.gz.


on command line as super user

tar xzf Webilder-0.6.9.tar.gz
cd Webilder-0.6.9
sudo python setup.py install --install-data=/usr

Will work fine no problem..

Installation on Ubuntu 10.04

Just download the deb. http://www.webilder.org/static/downloads/webilder_0.6.9-1_all.deb

  1. Install dependencies, according to your distribution:
    • Debian or Ubuntu:
      sudo apt-get install python-gtk2 python-glade2 python-imaging python-setuptools
      sudo apt-get install python-gnome2 libglib2.0-0 python-gnomeapplet gettext
    • Gentoo:
      emerge pygtk gnome-python gnome-python-desktop libgnomeui 
        gnome-python-extras dev-python/imaging
  2. Extract the archive and install it. You’ll only need root permissions for the last command:
    tar xzf Webilder-0.6.9.tar.gz
    cd Webilder-0.6.9
    sudo python setup.py install --install-data=/usr

After installation completes, continue to Running Webilder.

Running Webilder

After installing Webilder, you should add it to your panel, so it can automatically download photos and change your wallpaper:

  • GNOME Users: Right-click on the GNOME panel, choose “Add to panel”, and select “Webilder Webshots Applet”. If it is not in the list – log off and log in again.

Users who prefer the command line, can run webilder_desktop to configure Webilder and manage their photos. It is also possible to start photo downloading from the command line by starting webilder_downloader.

Tip: Download full pages of Webshots photos by clicking on the ‘Download Page’ at Webshots’ website. (new in version 0.6.9)

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