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Flexigrid 1.1 Implementation on Codeigniter 2.10

Flexigrid is a light weight jquery plugin with an ajax loading grid. This is excellent for handling various kinds of data. A codeigniter implementation was created by Frederico Carvalho. This implementation is with Codeigniter 1.7.2. But now in Codeigniter 2.1.0 lot of this changed. Also the website is now not working. So here is another implementation of latest flexigrid with codeigniter 2.1.0

Download Flexigrid_CI_v0.36.1

Flexigrid with Custom Search Forms

There is a default quick search form is coming with flexigrid. But if a user need more extended search like dates between, id between, value greater than like searches we cannot use the quick search feature. In the latest flexigrid there are options to pass custom variables to the ajax request. So on server side we can handle the parameters and build a custom search query easly.

Here is a sample implementation of custom search form with Flexigrid

Thanks Frederico Carvalho and Paulo Mariñas for creating this great plugin and codeigniter library.

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