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Firewall for Ubuntu 11.10

A firewall management applicaiton is necessary in everyday computing. The ‘online security risks’ are increased now a days. If you are using ubuntu 11.1o there are lot options to controll your firewal. iptables provides more advanced security. The ‘netfilterpacket filtering system is built in into the Linux Kernel by default. A user can configure iptables for every needs. You can implement various kinds of rules for filtering incoming/outgoing packets.

A main drawback of iptables is it has only command line interface to configure. For newbies and home users, those who need simple configuration of firewall and netfilter using iptables is a littile bit tricky.

UFW (Uncomplicated Firewall) is a simple application to configure in ubuntu 11.1o. The front end of UFW is GUFW. It is a very simple GUI with a set of features to controll a simple firewall easly.

GUFW is there in the official repository. Just search on the ubuntu software center or use the command

Install firewall in Ubuntu 11.10

To install gui for uncomplicated firewall GUFW execute the following command in the terminal-

sudo apt-get install gufw

For advanced users who manage complicated firewall policies iptables is the best option. ufw can do basic things only.

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