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Firefox 4 Released – Counting the downloads

After the long waiting the Firefox 4 released. You can download from firefox.com . The Browser make lot of changes after its 3.6 release. The interface changed. The functionalities changed. The Javascript engine changes. Supports latest HTML 5, Webm video etc..

Firefox download Live status

So the heat is on. the counter started. You can watch the progress of download online at glow.mozilla.org. Just click on the progress circle on the left side will switch to the progress of download from various continents.

Mozilla Twitter Party

You can join  the twitterparty hosted by mozilla @ twitterparty.mozilla.org . Tweet about Firefox 4 with the #fx4 hashtag and your avatar will join thousands of others from around the world as part of our logo mosaic. You can search the users who all joined in the party. So Join Now.

Firefox on Facebook

You can join firefox on facebook @ http://www.facebook.com/Firefox?v=app_122300121174636. you can just like the page. Post a Facebook Badge on your wall. and join the team. so lets celebrate.

Firefox 4 will beat the record of firefox 3.6 as the most downloaded programme within 24 hours from the release. The record is 8 billion.

Mozilla Web O Wonder

Just experience what firefox 4 can do. Go to Mozilla web o wonder and get the demos of 360 degree videos, HTML5, WebGL and more..

Firefox 4 Features

Great New look: With a design reminiscent of Apple’s Safari or Google’s Chrome, the tabs now sit above the address bar.

Much Improved privacy: Both IE9 and Firefox 4 have amped up their privacy controls. In Firefox 4, the advanced options menu allows users to tell Web sites that they do not want to be tracked.

Excellent Tab management: Users can now group tabs and tuck them away, so it’s easy to juggle multiple projects or switch seamlessly between work and play. Taking another page out of the Chrome playbook, Firefox also lets users pin frequently used tabs to the browser. And an “Awesome Bar” allows users to switch easily between open tabs and search for keywords in a user’s history, bookmarks and open site.

Firefox Syncing: The latest version of Firefox allows users to unify their bookmarks, passwords and history across devices.

Addons : Lot of addons are there to extend firefox functionality for any kind. For social networking, web development, productivity etc… You just peek into addons.mozilla.org

Dont wait go and download firefox 4 now.

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