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Fedora Utils – Install Codecs, Drivers and Fonts in Fedora 17

After installing Fedora 17 you will get a great operating system which is very much stable and enriched with latest technologies. But fedroa stick to free software policies. So non free softwares are not coming by default. Playing mp3, mpeg files are reading some other formats still need additional installation. Instaiing non free codecs and non free fonts are really need some good work.

Fedora Utils is a small script to automate the tasks of adding codecs, fonts, drivers into fedroa 17. It also helps to tweak the system for every users needs.

About Fedora Utils

Fedora Utils is a post installation script for Fedora. It lets you install codecs and additional software, fix problems, tweak and cleanup your system, view system information and much more with just few clicks.

Install Fedora Utils

The installation in Fedora 17 is very easy. Just paste the following command in the terminal. Root password required to installl and execute the script.

su -c "curl http://master.dl.sourceforge.net/project/fedorautils/fedorautils.repo -o /etc/yum.repos.d/fedorautils.repo && yum install fedorautils"

That is it . then just type the following command in the terminal for running the script


Then it will ask for root password.

Fedora Utils Features

Essential Tweaks and Tasks

  • Set Yum to keep cache
  • Add Additional repositories
  • Setup sudo for current user
  • Enable autologin
  • Add colors to terminal
  • Install Microsoft core Fonts
  • Enable DVD Playback
  • Install essential software
  • Add fortune messages to terminal
  • Install multimedia codecs
  • Install Adobe Flash plugin
  • Install Oracle Java Runtime Environment
  • Install Jockey driver installer
  • Set SELinux to Permissive Mode
  • Install tidy-cache plugin for yum
  • Enable system wide touch tap
  • Install wine with gecko
  • Update the system

Install addiitional software

  • Install Android SDK
  • Install Arista Transcoder
  • Install Cinnamon Shell
  • Install Google Chrome
  • Install Google Earth
  • Install GTalk Plugin
  • Install HandBrake
  • Install Oracle JDK
  • Install Jupiter Applet
  • Install Skype
  • Install Team Viewer

Fix common issues in Fedora 17

  • Fix anaconda runtime and revisor
  • Fix font smoothing
  • Fix Mplayer driver error
  • Fix ntfs-config not starting
  • Fix rpmdb open failed error
  • Fix bad theme in root apps

Misc Plugins

  • Block/Unblock websites
  • Clean Up System
  • Optimize boot process
  • Show System Info
  • Update GRUB2 config

View Help

  • View system info
  • Report an issue

This script will help a fedora 17 user to tweak the system for best performance.


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