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Fedora 12 Install DVD to Your Yum Repo List

Fedora 12 DVD
Fedora 12 DVD

To add the install dvd media to yum list there is a small trick. The trick lies in the Yum Repos list, located in


Check it out. Normally you have three entries: Fedora, a Debug branch, and a Sources branch. The primary Fedora branch configs look something like this (I’m using Fedora 12 in my example) :

name=Fedora $releasever - $basearch

Our job is to copy and modify it so Yum and the GUI app manager can use the DVD. First you need to copy the block of code pertaining to [fedora] and paste the copy into your file – after [fedora] is fine.

  1. Change the line [fedora] to [fedora-dvd]
  2. change the name line to name=Fedora 12 x86_64 - DVD
  3. change the baseurl line to baseurl=file:///media/Fedora%2012%20x86_64%20DVD (the path to your DVD might be different – check it first)
  4. delete the mirrorlist line
  5. make sure the enabled line is enabled=1 (you can turn it off later through the “Software Sources” app)
  6. Save and exit

Use Yum or the Application manager to install. Rather than taxking your network and your patience you’ll see the DVD activity light busily blinking as you begin installing packages. One tip you might need to keep in mind is that refresh packages button on the package manager. There were a few packages I tried installing that were no longer available when I turned-off the net-based repo source. This is equivalent to yum clean [option]

Happy installing!

2 thoughts on “Fedora 12 Install DVD to Your Yum Repo List”

  1. Thanks for this nice written info. I will try to use this when I install fedora12 using the DVD. Low amount of RAM leads to text mode instal
    l (anaconda wont start). My plan is to let there be a text mode install and then add the DVD as repo and after that do
    yum groupinstall “GNOME DesktopEnvironment” “X WindowSystem”

    Then after reboot I hope I have a graphical system working.

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