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Fedora 21 Released on Late October 2014.

Fedora Project is decided not to name its future releases from Fedora 21. The current release Fedora 20 is named Heisenbug but from Fedora 21 the operating system is released in a different way without any release names. Fedora 21 will be released on  Late October 2014. That means the schedule will take almost full 9 months.


Usually a new Fedora operating system will release every 6 months. On all May and October. The delays are usual in a fedora schedule so it extended to July and December. But From Fedora 21 onwards there will be no single Fedora. Instead there are different work groups making different parts of fedora for different purpose.

Now there are 5 working Groups in Fedora Next based on Architecture for a More Agile Fedora.

fedora-ringsFedora 21 consists of 4 Rings of Operating system

Ring 0 – Fedora Minimal – The basic Operating system only. Just Enough Fedora

Ring 1 – Fedora Core.

Ring 2 – Stacks + Environments (Gnome, KDE, XFCE, Open Stack, WildFly, Apache, Postgresql, MariaDB, Ruby, Python)

Ring 3 – Apps on DEs

Refer this Presentation for Details

It is now up to the fedora community to name a release if they are willing to.  Says Jaroslav Reznik of Red Hat in his blog post, “What will be the code name for Fedora 21. And again short answer: null. Not null as null string but null. Fedora Board decided to end release names process. It does not mean “no more release names” but it’s up to community or working groups, if anyone wants to step into the role of Name Wrangler and helps running this process. Or reform it in any way.”

Also Fedora 21 planning to Integrate Gnome 3.14 insted of Gnome 3.12. There will be a long gap between Fedora 20 and Fedora 21.

2014 will be an exciting year in the Red Hat community, beyond just the evolution of Fedora. Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 7 will likely be announced at some point in the first half 2014.

Past Fedora Names

Fedora Core 1 – Yarrow
Fedora Core 2 – Tettnang
Fedora Core 3 – Heidelberg
Fedora Core 4 – Stentz
Fedora Core 5 – Bordeaux
Fedora Core 6 – Zod
Fedoa 7 – Moonshine
Fedoa 8 – Werewolf
Fedoa 9 – Sulphur
Fedoa 10 – Cambridge
Fedoa 11 – Leonidas
Fedoa 12 – Constantine
Fedoa 13 – Goddard
Fedoa 14 – Laughlin
Fedoa 15 – Lovelock
Fedoa 16 – Verne
Fedoa 17 – Beefy Miracle
Fedoa 18 – Spherical Cow
Fedoa 19 – Schrödinger’s Cat
Fedoa 20 – Heisenbug


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