Fedora 19 Wallpaper contest end now. The newest set of additional wallpapers for fedora 19 is ready. Fedora 19 will be released on July 2013. buergermeister announced in his blog the results of voting for Supplemental Wallpapers for F19. 16 amazing wallpapers are selected to ship with Fedora 19. The images are in CC-BY-SA license . You can download them and use on your favourite operating system now.

For Fedora 20 the team is planning to create new application for submitting images and voting. in case you are interested writing an application for images submission and voting the join the design channel and speak.

Download Fedora 19 Wallpapers

Fedora 19 Wallpaper

Fedora Printed by Miro Hrončok Download Wallpaper



Frog Prince by María Tatica Leandro Download Wallpaper

Wheels_of_time.jpgWheels of time by Man in black Download Wallpaper773
Sanibel-GullsSanibel Gulls by mizmo (Máirín Duffy) Download Wallpaper729
Bee-And-The-SunflowerBee And The Sunflower by Nicu Bucule Download Wallpaper664
DiamantinaDiamantina by Cleide Isabel Download Wallpaper656
Water_FlowerWater Flower by Hylke Bons Download Wallpaper594
Wine-In-The-MorningWine In The Morning by Charly Kühnast Download Wallpaper575
Moon-CorneredMoon Cornered by Harald Hoyer Download Wallpaper573
Cherry_2Cherry 2 by Hylke Bons Download Wallpaper551
Grand_Canyon_FramedGrand Canyon Framed by Harald Hoyer Download Wallpaper549
TambabaTambaba by Cleide Isabel Download Wallpaper546
TulipsTulips by Harald Hoyer Download Wallpaper542
Street LampStreet Lamp by houz (Tobias Ellinghaus) Download Wallpaper527
UnderneathUnderneath by Harald Hoyer Download Wallpaper519
GrassGrass by Brian Lane Download Wallpaper518

More Submissions for Fedora 19

The Wallpaper candidates are listed below.

Color Pencils by houz (Tobias Ellinghaus) Download Wallpaper497
Leaves by Hylke Bons Download Wallpaper496
Bird by Ryan Lerch Download Wallpaper482
Late Fall Frost On Fern Leaves by Gary Stafford Download Wallpaper476
Tea Break In Venice by Yauhen Shulitski Download Wallpaper444
chichiriviche by María Tatica Leandro Download Wallpaper437
Autumn Lights by Harald Hoyer Download Wallpaper434
Flower Duo by Hylke Bons Download Wallpaper426
Yellow Flower Two by Cleide Isabel Download Wallpaper393
Morning Dew by Charly Kühnast Download Wallpaper393
Margaridas by Cleide Isabel Download Wallpaper391
Thunderbird Falls by Thomas Graf Download Wallpaper381
Forficulate by Salvatore Bognanni Download Wallpaper370
Daisie by Cleide Isabel Download Wallpaper359
Santa Maria Colorata Download Wallpaper356
Sunset by Onuralp SEZER Download Wallpaper354
Food For Thought by Nicu Buculei Download Wallpaper343
Layers by Peter Jones Download Wallpaper342
Cherry 1 by Hylke Bons Download Wallpaper324
Plover Cove Reservoir in Hong Kong by Steven Chien Download Wallpaper318
Morning Sun by Diego Turtulici Download Wallpaper309
Chestnuts by Luigi Mazari Download Wallpaper306
African Praying Mantis Download Wallpaper306
Oil by houz (Tobias Ellinghaus) Download Wallpaper303
Nomadelfia.jpeg by Diego Turtulici Download Wallpaper271
Blue Escherian by Salvatore Bognanni Download Wallpaper261
Palazzo Vecchio by Luigi Mazari Download Wallpaper252
Folha by Cleide Isabel Download Wallpaper248
Fedora Beach by María Tatica Leandro Download Wallpaper245
Atlantic Ocean by Jukka Palander Download Wallpaper238
Plant by Matt Hirsch Download Wallpaper238
Cactus by Jukka Palander Download Wallpaper215
Cactus by Matt Hirsch Download Wallpaper190
Dried Flower Petals by Gary Stafford Download Wallpaper168
Sea Plane by Chris Duryee Download Wallpaper135
Spring Bloom by Montosh Bisht Download Wallpaper114

The wallpapers are listed above. Which is your personal Favourite. Hope Fedora 20 Wallpaper contest will bring more awesome pictures.

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