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Fedora 19 Features and Updates contain 3D printing, Java8 and Scratch

Fedora 19 Wallpaperfedora 19 planning started. Artwork Brainstorming sessions is running. The Schrodinger’s Cat is a bit tough to theme. A good list of new features are lined up for Fedora 19.

Also the Release schedule is now put in place. Expecting some slips. The fedora 19 will be available on end of May 2013. The fedora 19 comes with GNOME 3.8, GLIBC 2.17, MATE Desktop 1.6, PHP 5.5 , Node.js, Ruby 2.0.0 etc.. Libreoffice 4.0 and KDE 4.10 are already released.  Fedora 19 comes with MATE 1.6 version. Fedora 19 will comes with Gnome 3.8 as its default desktop. For other DEs like KDE, XFCE, LXDE there are coresponding spins are available.

In Fedora 19 Mysql Database is replaced with Maria DB. Fedora 19 comes wth tech preview of the the upcoming version  Java8 (OpenJDK8). 3D printing tools are added to fedora 19 and allow users of 3D printers, such as RepRap, to be fully satisfied with software in the repositories, without need to download binary blobs or run Python code from git.

Fedora 19 Default wallpaper brainstorming session is now taking place. The currently considered ideas are Schrödingers Cat is a thing between alive and dead, which are the opposite. That can be represented in the design with contrast or something like that. The second idea is boxes as the cat was in a box. The ideas of boxes are collected on a pinterest board.

how to do with some cubes and particles a cube landscape for fedora 19 default wallpaper

Blender – Cube Landscape from S.Kemter on Vimeo.


Projects included on Fedora 19

Just waiting for next fedora with improved anacond installer.


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