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Fedora 17 Upcoming Features and Updates

Fedora 17 Code named Beefy Miracle Alpha released on February 28 2012. Live CD Images for testing are available now. The new fedora comes with latest Gnome Shell and Gnome 3.4 and KDE 4.8

Fedora 17 is prepared with lot of new featues and enhancements. Some features are for enterprise customers only. But lot of improvements for Desktop people are baking there. The final Stable version of Fedora 17 will be on May 2012.

Interface bonding support for NetworkManager – Desktop users will be able to configure network interface bonding using NetworkManager. In addition, enterprise users will be able to configure IP-over-Infiniband, bridges and VLANs.
Ext4 and 16 TB file systems – Users will be able to setup up ext4 file systems, the default file system in almost all Linux distributions, larger than 16 TB. Ok, how many desktop users will need this feature? Not me – not at this time anyway, but you never know who is out there doing fancy stuff.
Dynamic firewall configuration – On Fedora 17, firewall configurations will be handled by firewalld, a daemon which will dynamically manage the firewall and apply configuration changes without restarting the whole firewall.
Multitouch – All the foundational elements needed for multitouch on multitouch-capable hardware are in place. All that is needed now are the applications to take advantage of this feature.
Network Zones – This feature will bring trust-level classification to network connections, making it possible to apply different firewall profiles to network connections, depending on their trust level. The network zones that have so far being defined are shown in the image below. (Image taken from here.)
Password quality checking – On Fedora 17, users will be able to set the quality or strength of system and user account passwords. Also, the system will be able to generate passwords that are pronounceable, not the usual jumble of alphanumeric and special characters that only a person with a magnetic memory can remember.

Fedora 17 Screen Shot Tour

  • Simplified file architecture by moving everything to /usr (see here more details);
  • Btrfs as the default filesystem
  • Software rendering for GNOME Shell
  • Gnome 3.4
  • KDE 4.8
  • Gimp 2.8
  • Boost 1.48
  • Thin provisioning
  • Support for D2 programming language
  • Support for Automatic Seat and ConsoleKit removal
  • DRI2 3D drivers
  • KDE Plasma dependency generation
  • PackageKit integration
  • New password quality checking mechanism
  • New virtio-scsi storage architecture for KVM, based on SCSI
  • systemd integration
  • ns-3 discrete-event network simulator


The official release schedule for Fedora 17 (Beefy Miracle).
You can download fedora 17 Alpha from the official website.

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