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Fedora 17 Released – Download Spins

The Fedora Project released Fedora 17. The Fedora 17 code-named “Beefy Miracle”. Fedora Project is sponsored by Redhat. Fedora is used as the base distribution of Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Everytime Fedora try to bring the latest technology available. This time also the latest Gears packed. The Gnome 3.4, KDE 4.8, Gimp 2.8, Libre office 3.5 etc…

In the new Fedora GNOME Shell (Default Desktop) works on systems with 3D graphics drivers not supported. A software rendering layer included for nice effects in Gnome shell. Also all the executable files moved into one directory /usr/bin and removing /bin,/sbin,/lib and /lib64 . A new Sandbox for easy isolation using KVM or LXC.

Download Fedora 17

There are different spins of Fedora available. Spins are repack of fedora with different desktops like GNOME, KDE, XFCELXDE etc. Also you can get different spins for different needs like Security , GamesDesign-suiteScientific-KDE , SoaS , RoboticsElectronic-Lab etc… of which KDE spin is the most popular one. If you haven’t downloaded fedora then go and download Fedora, This is the CD version based on gnome 3 desktop.

The latest fedora is fully functional and rock solid operating system with cutting edge technologies.

You can Dowload fedora from the nearest server from you. Just find mirrors all over the world. And get the full functional DVD from the formats tab.

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