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Fedora 17 Codenamed as Beefy Miracle

Fedora Project Leader Jared Smith announced the results of the voting on Fedora 17. The next major release after Fedora 16 will be codenamed as Beefy Miracle. A campaign had grown around the “Beefy Miracle” name – which had previously been suggested for Fedora 16 – with mascot and beefymiracle.org web site.

The other candidate names were Liege, Never, Gernsback, Rocky Ripple, Alpharabius, Panguipulli and Tubeteika. Fedora release names are required to have a connection with the previous version.In this case, the reasoning was “Beefy Miracle is a name suggested for Fedora 16. Verne is also a name suggested for Fedora 16”. What a funny relation between these two names.

Apart from the name nothing is available about Fedora 17. The Fedora 16 will be released on November 2011. The features of Fedora 17 will be Gnome 3.4, KDE 4.8, Libreoffice 3.5 and more.. We can expect a more stable fedora and gnome from this release. The release will be expected on May 2012.

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