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Fedora 16 Post Install Utility Fedora Utils 1.7.5

Fedora Utils is a “post installation” script for Fedora.  By Using this you can install applications that are not available in the main Fedora repositories and tweak various settings of your fedora installation.
This require a good internet connection and good download speed.

Fedora Utils features:

  • Add current user to sudoers
  • Enable autologin for current user
  • Set yum to keep cache
  • Install yum tidy-cache plugin
  • Add repositories – RPMFusion, Google, Adobe, Chromium, Skype
  • Enable touchpad clicks
  • Install multimedia codecs
  • Install Adobe Flash
  • Install Java Runtime Environment
  • Install wine with gecko
  • Install Google Talk plugin
  • Add colors and fortune messages to Terminal
  • Set SELinux in permissive mode
  • Install Microsoft fonts
  • Install Jockey driver installer (From Parsidora repo)
  • Install essential software
  • Fixes: Fix font smoothing, Fix rpmdb error, Fix gnome keyring, Fix picasa not starting, Fix anaconda causing revisor not to start, Fix MPlayer driver error, Fix ntfs-config not starting
  • Install Gnome Shell Extensions – GPaste, Media Player, Weather, Alternate Status Menu, Dock Extension, Places Menu, User Theme, Window Navigator, Zeitgeist
  • Install Software – Google Chrome, Picasa, Google Earth, HandBrake, Skype, WinFF, Unico Theme Engine
  • Clean up system
  • Optimize boot by turning off unnecessary services
  • Show system info

this script is now available as a RPM package  and you can run it either from the menu or by just double clicking the script and selecting “Run in Terminal”.

Download Fedora Utils (with Fedora 16 support)

1 thought on “Fedora 16 Post Install Utility Fedora Utils 1.7.5”

  1. I installed Jockey to Fedora 16.  It detected the NVIDIA graphic driver that was not installed.   Told it to install which it appears to have done  but now the machine stops during the boot process adn all i get is a black screen.

    any ideas as to where to go from here?

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