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Fedora 15 Release Schedule Confirmed

After the release of Fedora 14 the team moving on to Fedora 15 . The release schedule is confirmed.

2010-11-02 Fedora 14 Release

Planning & Development Begins

2011-01-25 Feature Submission Deadline

2011-02-08 Feature Freeze–Planning & Development Ends

2011-02-08 Branch Fedora 15 from Rawhide– Branch Freeze

2011-02-15 Software String Freeze

2011-02-15 Alpha Change Deadline

2011-03-01 Alpha Release

2011-03-15 Software Translation Deadline

2011-03-22 Beta Change Deadline

Features 100% Complete

2011-04-05 Beta Release

2011-04-25 Final Change Deadline

2011-04-26 Compose ‘Final’ RC

2011-05-10 Fedora 15 Final Release

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The final release of Fedora 15 will be on 10 th May 2011. But sometimes there will be a slip in schedule.

Fedora 15 Features

Some features are approved as of now. No majour one coming on the line. Gnome 3.0 and KDE 4.5.6 are the majour updates. Gimp 2.8, Blender 2.5 are also expected. They marked Openoffice Schedule that means openoffice continue . there is no plan to replace it with libreoffice. Confirmed features are systemd, var-run-tmpfs etc .. This list will be expanded soon.

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