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Fedora 15 Features and Updates

Even though Ubuntu 11.04 is moving away from Gnome shell with their own unity desktop interface Fedora 15 is moving with Gnome Shell, the revamped desktop of Gnome 3.  It is matured enough for an end user to get everything from gnome. The major updates to fedora 15 are really amazing. From the features page we got that fedora 15 will include.

  • LibreOffice, a “freer” fork of OpenOffice
  • BoxGrinder, a virtual appliance utility
  • Robotics Suite, a set of tools for robot enthusiasts
  • Sugar, a specialized desktop environment for education
  • Dynamic Firewall, a way to interactively manage your system firewall
  • Gnome 3, of course

Also the included softwares are

  • GNOME 3 – the obvious, most startling change.
  • Firefox 4
  • Kernel 2.6.38-0 – with the magic patch for the job schedule
  • Pino Twitter – Gwibber is the default in ubuntu.
  • Cheese
  • RhythmboxUbuntu included Banshee
  • Evolution

With gnome 3 we get more cleaner desktop with revolutionary looks. Mutter window manager is much more feature rich. We will get the final Fedora 15 on mid of May 2011. The most important thing is it is nearly a month after the release of Ubuntu 11.04.

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  1. i believe this is going to be a great year for Linux, Ubuntu, Fedora and all the other Distros. I for one want to look for a Classic Gnome Distro as Ubuntu is slow and Gnome 3 is click to death to get something working

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