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Fedora 14 Features and Updates

The Latest Fedora , Fedora 14 is available for public download. Also the website fedoraproject.org taken new shape. This release coming after most anticipated Ubuntu 10.10 will  make Linux World Better.

Fedora Mirrors

World wide Mirror List for fedora is on fedoraproject website. You can choose the nearest mirror for fastest download. Also the torrent list is available.The Latest RPM system is using more powerful compression. So more softwares in the same space.

Fedora 14 Features

Fedora 14 includes several new features for developers, system administrators and open source enthusiasts.

  • Linux Kernel 2.6.35 – Latest Linux Kernel
  • Gnome 2.32 – Latest Gnome Desktop Version
  • KDE Plasma Desktop 4.5.0 – KDE 4.5.0
  • OpenOffice.org 3.3 – Openoffice Latest Version – You can test Libreoffice also
  • NetBeans 6.9 – Best IDE in Fedora for All Langugages like Java,PHP,Ruby,Python etc …
  • Eclipse Helios 3.6 – Power full IDE for Development
  • Python 2.7 – Updated Python to the upstream 2.7 release of Python Programming environment/language
  • Perl 5.12 – Perl updated to 5.12 version
  • MeeGo 1.0 – MeeGo Netbook UX 1.0 experience in Fedora
  • SPICE – a complete open source solution for interaction with virtualized desktops
  • libjpg-turbo – fastest j[pg compression
  • D – Fedora 14 included the D language compiler
  • Sugar 0.90 – The latest release of Sugar features major usability improvements.

A complete list of Fedora 14 features is available on the Fedora’s Website.

Fedora 14 Install Guide.

The official install guide can be download from fedora documents website.

Fedora 14 Spins

Fedora 14 is also released on different spins like AOS Spin, BrOffice.org Spin, Design Suite Spin, Electronic Lab Spin, Games Spin, Haskell Spin, LXDE Spin, QA Test Day Spin, Security Spin ,
Sugar on a Stick Spin and XFCE Spin . You can look at the various features of different spins in fedroa project page

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