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Fedora 13 – Command Referance and Keyboard Shortcuts PDF

The Greatest and Latest Fedora Released. Fedora 13 codenamed Goddard and the theme concept as a rocket to the space. Feodora 13 includes New gnome and KDE Releases. Open Office 3.2 and New Collaborative sute. Here is a short command reference and cheat sheet for fedora users. This Cheat Sheet included many tips and tricks and scoops that will help you to set up your new Fedora 13 installation into a full blown Linux box.

Here’s the Direct link to the above PDF. This sheet is free to modify and redistribute for your own needs; we just ask that you keep the Digitizor logo and a link to Digitizor: http://digitizor.com on the page. License: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported.

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