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Fedora 12 Features – Fedora Studio Coming

fedora symbol
fedora symbol

New features for fedora 12 is announced. Changes in visual and core are proposed. Empathy as new default IM Client will help to communicate SIP and XAMPP Protocols. New Fedora Studio  Classify multimedia applications into subgroups for easy access is also coming Up. Also Gnome 2.28 and KDE 4.3 will be added. Re-base to NetBeans 6.7,Add full support for system-wide connections to NetworkManager, Dracut is a replacement for nash/mkinitrd are proposed. The volume control continue to improve to new heights. Currently in F11 it is very ugly and want to install GMixer for better control. And hope a new GDM with configuration options. Another majour improvement is XI2 it is the second major release of the X Input Extension and allows the simultaneous use of multiple independent input devices. Fedora 12 Scheduled to 10th November 2009.

Dracut is a replacement for nash/mkinitrd

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