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Fedora 11 – Change gdm Background

change gdm background in fedora 11
change gdm background in fedora 11

it is not very easy to change the background of GDM theme in fedora. The gdmsetup command is missing in fedora 11. Because the gdm is going under through rewrite process. Only way to configure the gdm is simply downgrade to fedora 8 or change the display manager to KDM. here is another simple way

Change the GDM Theme Background

Simply go System | Preferences | Appearance | Background Tab .
or right click and change desktop back ground . in the back ground selector tab there is a button called make default. Select your favourite image and click this button. Your GDM background image changed .

Is that fine..

The other GTK widget styles and other features are not configurable at this time. But it is the most featured greeter in fedora 11.


Can use finger print reader

can change the language

can view the startup log (if any errors happened).

can view the battery status

can view time

in the other greeter KDM

there is no option to select a language to login.

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