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Evernote Client for Linux, NixNote 2 Beta Download

NixNote 2 Beta, EverNote Clients for Linux is now available for download on sourceforge. NixNote is previously known as Nevernote. It is an unofficial client for Linux. Nixnote 1 is written Java. But Nixnote 2 is a complete rewrite of Nixnote 1 in C++ using Qt library. It improves speed and reduce memmory footprint. Java is used for encrypting / decrypting text in NixNote 2.
NixNote2 Ubuntu
Evernote is a note-taking app and service that supports saving text, full webpages, voice memos, video notes, photos from android, ios and Desktops. There are official Evernote clients available for Windows, OS X, Android and iOs. No official client is available for linux

NixNote 2 beta features and updates :

  • support for reminders;
  • ability to capture images from a webcam;
  • you can open a note for editing in a new window;
  • if you enable uploads, linked notebooks will now be sent;
  • support for encrypted text (RC2 only);
  • you can pin or unpin notes;
  • you can add HTML entities via a dialog box;
  • basic support for note history (Evernote premium users only);
  • you can now open/close notebooks;
  • note title colors can be changed (not synchronized);
  • supports importing Evernote extract files (enex);
  • you can do backups, restores, imports & exports to NixNote extract files (nnex);
  • spell check has been added;
  • significant performance improvements when loading notes with a lot of resources and when generating thumbnails;
  • sync is more efficient, faster, & should resume properly after interrupts;
  • many other smaller changes and bug fixes;
  • deb, rpm and tar.gz (with install script) available for download.

Some features of NixNote 1 like synchronizing note colors, select note book sync. are not available in Nixnote 2


For more information on NixNote 2, including known issues, see the Beta 1 downloads page.

Download NixNote 2

Download NixNote 2 (deb, rpm and tar.gz files available for download). 

Ubuntu users: The deb files work in Ubuntu 13.10 and 14.04 only (it won’t work in Ubuntu 12.04 or 12.10 due to the required dependencies which aren’t available in older Ubuntu versions)!

Important: if you’ve used NixNote 2 before this beta, you must delete the ~/.nixnote folder:

rm -r ~/.nixnote

It’s also worth mentioning that syncing with Evernote is disabled by default. To enable it, from the NixNote 2 menu select Edit > Preferences and enable syncing on the Sync tab. Then select Tools > Synchronize to start synchronizing NixNote 2 with Evernote.

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