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Essential Gnome Keyboard Shortcuts for Ubuntu

Keyboard Shortcuts are great for work done faster. Like Alt +F2 will give you a run application window in gnome. Just type the application name it will come working dont want to go to menu or clicks. Ctrl+c and Ctrl+v are most common. Some Keyboard Shrotcuts for Gnome is listed here. Remember some Get your work done faster on Ubuntu or Fedora.

  • ALT+ F1 : launch applications menu, probably the most used keyword combination in my laptop.
  • ALT + Home : Jump to home folder.
  • ALT + Enter : Show file/folder properties.
  • ALT + F2 : Launch “run application” dialog box.
  • ALT + F4 : Close Window.
  • ALT + Left/Right : Go back/forward while navigation directories in nautilus.
  • ALT + Up/Down : ¬†Go up/down while navigating directories in nautilus.
  • ALT + Tab : Browse through windows.
  • Shift + Del : Permanently delete files, no backing up in trash folder.
  • F2 : Rename File/Folder.
  • F3 : Enable split view in nautilus.
  • F8 : Show/hide nautilus menubar
  • F9 : Toggle nautilus side-pane.
  • Super + Tab : “Shift switcher”, need to enable it in CCSM.
  • Super + M : Inverts all the colors.
  • Super + A or W : Arrange windows in a nice panel like appearance(Need Compiz).
  • CTRL + L : View/Edit full location path.
  • CTRL + A : Select all.
  • CTRL + N : New window.
  • CTRL + Shift + N : New folder.
  • CTRL + H : Show/hide hidden files.
  • CTRL + ALT + L : Lock Screen.

You can Created Your own Keyboard Shortcuts in Gnome. To assign your custom keyboard shortcut goto System – Preferences – Keyboard Shortcuts.Then Add Then put name and command.

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