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Elementary OS Luna Beta 1 Released for Testing

Elementary OS Luna Beta 1 is now available for testing. Jupiter, first version of Elementary OS was released more than a year. Elementary OS Luna is based on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Edition. The new Elementary OS features a brand new desktop shell called “Pantheon”. The New OS undergone a number of improvements. A new set of default applications, new window manager “Gala”.

What is New in Elementary OS Luna

New Desktop Shell called Pantheon. Pantheon consists of a new notification panel called wing panel, application menu called sling shot, new dock called plank and new window manager “gala”, which is based on libmutter.

A new slick login screen based on LightDM.

Default File manager is Elementary Files, which is a fork from Marlin.

Vastly polished new elementary theme with default for Droid Sans.

Default Applications in Elementary OS

Pantheon Files

Pantheon Files is the default file manager on Luna. This is nicely forked from Marlin. The icon view, list view and multicolumn view makes it fantastic file manager. It has plugins for Ubuntu One or Dropbox available. It is in early development stages but somewhat stable.

Pantheon Terminal : This is the default terminal emulator app. It tried to reduce the clutter in UI and is stable now.

Scratch – Text Editor : It is the default text editor in Elementary OS. Scratch focus on content.

Maya is the default calendar app in Luna.

Noice – Music Player : It is the default Music player in Luna. It is a beatbox fork. It offers multiple views, equalizer, iPod sync, Internet radio support, Last.fm integration and other features with nice UI.

Midori – Default Browser : It is not another browser but it is the default internet browser in Luna. A great webkit based browser with HTML5test score more than 400.

Geary is the default email client written in Vala. It replaces Postler in Luna. The application integrates nicely with Pantheon desktop. This app is now under development. It has a competetive edge in Linux Email clients.

Elementary OS is the cleanest OS in Linux Distro World. There UI designs and new set of default apps are awsome. To experience Elementary OS just download Beta for Testing

Lets Have a look at Elementary OS Luna

Elementary OS Luna 32-bit Beta

Download via Torrent
md5: 10fb147bb93ec13ff4b683a24bcf43b0

Elementary OS Luna 64-bit Beta

Download via Torrent
md5: 9a15eb16a7dc66b35726fc4c94b78a2f

Remember that this is a beta and is not indicative of the final version.

Install Elementary OS Desktop on Ubuntu 12.04

Elementary OS is based on Ubuntu 12.04. So you can install the Pantheon Desktop via PPA

Install Elementary OS Desktop via Elementary Daily PPA. The PPA might break your system, so use it at your own risk!

Open up a terminal window, and execute this to add the PPA (supports Natty, Oneiric, Precise):

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:elementary-os/daily

Then update and install the desktop:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install elementary-desktop

After installation, log-out and select ‘Pantheon‘ session to log-in.

Remember to change the theme of Ubuntu Unity to Radiance.



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