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Download YouTube Videos from Ubuntu 11.10

YouTube is the most popular online video sharing website. You can find videos of every subject in youtube. You can watch and download videos from Youtube if you are using a youtube video client software in ubuntu 11.1o. The client software is not a web browser. You can directly play youtube videos using the youtube client.

YouTube Video Downloader in Ubuntu 11.10

You can use various ways to download a youtube video into your ubuntu 11.1o. Using a yoututbe client, a command line utility, a web browser plugin are available for downloading videos from youtube.


Minitube is the best youtube client in ubuntu 11.1o. You can watch Youtube Videos right from your desktop. You can easly download youtube videos into ubuntu 11.10 using minitube. It has a very simple and easy GUI. You can configure the video size, related videos etc. You can easily search using keywords or a youtube channel name. The project is hosted in gitorius and is released as GPL.

Install Minitube, The Youtube Downloader in Ubuntu 11.10

Minitube is available in official package repository. To install minitube just type the command in command line.

sudo apt-get install minitube

you can install using Ubuntu Software Centre also. Just search for minitube in the software centre and click install.

Download videos using MiniTube in Ubuntu 11.1o

To download a video just play the video in minitube. The go Video > Download in the menu. The videos will be saved to /home/username/Videos.

 Download Youtube Videos Using Terminal Utility

You can download youtube videos by using the command line. To download videos from command line you can use the command youtube-dl.  Install install a utility  youtube-dl. Open terminal and type

sudo apt-get install youtube-dl

Now, open the youtube video in the browser and copy the URL from the address bar.

Then execute the following command –

youtube-dl "http://youtube.com/?v=VideoID"

This is very simple tool for handling youtube video in ubuntu 11.10.

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