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Download the Official Windows 8 Wallpapers

Yes Windows 8 is coming. Windows 8 Developer Preview then Windows 8 Consumer Preview after that Windows 8 Release Preview and now Release to Manufacturing and next is Windows 8 Service Pack 1.

The Windows 8 RTM is leaked now. A DeviantArt user misaki2009 extracted all the windows 8 wallpapers and packaged them up for download.

The latest Windows 8 UI put more and more emphasis on the “Metro Start Screen and UI” and now it is called Windows 8 style UI due to some licensing problems.

There are 19 wallpapers in this pack and these are the best in class wallpapers Microsoft ever released. So put aside any misgivings about the company that has bought the rights to distribute these dapper drapes, and admire the artistry and talent that went into creating them instead.

Download Windows 8 Wallpapers

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